Site maintenance: Company shipping routes (“The Lucky 13”)




Not much is generally known about the shipping routes utilized by the Company to bring the mineral riches of the known universe to Earth.

Less is known about when those efforts began, and the period over which they developed into the system at work when the Nostromo plied the Solomons Circuit.

To explore this subject, the Galactic Position (GAL POS) page on the Overmonitoring Address Matrix has been activated.

There you will find a familiar galactic map, overlaid with thirteen spacelanes to illustrate information that has been found in Company archives.

Of the 13 spacelanes shown on the map:

  • 5 are within the sphere of the Core Systems.
  • 6 are within the Outer Rim Territories.
  • 2 extend well beyond the Outer Rim.


Activity along the spacelanes would most probably depend upon the mining activities at their terminii, with traffic naturally increasing along the newer investments.

Due to the hazardous nature of off-world mining operations, colonies are probably not developed on mining planets. Instead, the spread of new settlements tends to thrive along the spacelanes that support Company mining investments.


You can read more details on the page itself. Select GAL POS from the Overmonitoring Address Matrix.

Or jump directly using this link.




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