Melancholy, Alien: Isolation, and Dead Sea Navigators.



I just found a new musical friend, Dead Sea Navigators, and wanted to share this with all you friends of ALIEN who follow this blog.


So recently, a member of the Building Better Worlds Facebook Group started this thread about a song heard in Alien: Isolation:



The question was posed by Danny Lunajr, a member of the group. I immediately invoked my formidable powers of music identification (which, translated, means: “Siri, name that tune!”), but the quirky drag the game developers put on the song completely baffled Siri’s servers.

Then a sharp tack of a fellow named Bradford Eckhart suggested “Your Man from Havana”, by Dead Sea Navigators.


I next searched for lyrics, figuring I might make a positive ID by using them to follow along with that radio’s mournful track, but alas, I came up empty.

But I did find them something on Facebook…


The Dead Sea Navigators page.


A few short exchanges later, I verified with DSNs Claire (drums, and lightning-quick Facebook Messenger responses!) that indeed their music was used in the game!

(Man: I love it when my music and my ALIEN worlds connect!)


Dead Sea Navigators are: Steph (Vocals/Piano/Synths), Nik (Bass), and Clair (Drums). They hail from London.

When I read the band bio, I completely fell in love with the concept. Here it is in their own words:

Blending the melancholy of afterhours piano with distorted bass, analogue electronica and downtempo rhythm, Dead Sea Navigators mix a dark cocktail of theatrical indie/lounge for the entertainment of late night drifters.

Like drunken confessions, their songs veer from low-spoken intimacy to growling anger and resentment at the drop of a glass. These are the tales of closing time, and the cabaret of characters that perform within.

Dead Sea Navigators were formed after a chance meeting in a dockside bar in Sierra Leone. Wanted for various offenses, they banded together and toured late lounges across Europe and the States in a bid to keep one step ahead of the authorities.

However, after the Wendover Shooting, the Berlin Incident and the Boston Long Island Iced Tea Party, the surviving members finally split up and went into hiding. It was several years before it was safe enough to reform, even then only under a set of bullshit identities.


I can imagine their music playing in some backwater bar on Thedus, can’t you?


So, kudos to Danny, for starting it all; to Bradford, for nailing the song/band; and to Alicia May Eckford (admin of Alien Isolation Obsessive Disorder), who also identified the band, and probably most of the other tunes in the game!

Special thanks to Claire for her beautifully friendly response to my queries, and to the rest of the band for new tunes to enjoy!


I don’t know, folks, maybe there’s a list of credits for the game somewhere I’ve missed that will identify all the songs, used in the game?  But instead of doing more online digging, I’m going to listen to the new Dead Sea Navigators playlist I have cued up…





Find the Dead Sea Navigators online, and be on the lookout for their next album, expecting a 2019 release.

















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