Sith_fire30’s The Big Chap, from the vents.



Dayton’s latest post on this rendition of The Big Chap. He tells about it much better than I can:

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The first of two semi-static posed figures of the creature from the 1979 film, Alien. Hand sculpted, hand painted. This version depicts the beast as it would have appeared in several promotional test shots during pre-production, the air duct scene where Captain Dallas met his end as well as a deleted scene appearing within the corridor while Parker and Lambert were making their desperate escape. Figure is approx. 3" high from highest point on head to the feet. Articulated neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists. Vacuum formed PETG dome is removable. Original was sculpted using Aves FIXIT sculpt, a two part epoxy. Parts were cast in resin and assembled to build this version. Used Model Masters Polly Scale and Tamiya acrylics. #ALIEN #nostromo #alien79project #avesfixit #avesstudio #20thcenturyfox #hrgiger #miniature #sculpting #art #painting #monsters #inspacenoonecanhearyouscream

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