Of shipping lanes, tugs, and refinery platforms.



I am not 100 percent certain, at this point, but it appears that there might be as many as 12 other shipping routes radiating out from Earth, used by the Company to deliver processed materials to the Core Systems!


Just how many shipping routes could there be in the ALIEN universe?


Thedus (on the Solomons Circuit) is probably the furthest, but I need to do have a look at Scott’s star map again.


With a total of 13 shipping circuits, that could mean:

  • As many as 13 refinery platforms.
  • As many as 13 tugs towing said refinery platforms.
  • Possibly a lesser number of each, limited by the investment required to build platforms and/or convert towing vehicles.
  • Rotational assignments to fewer circuits, due to fewer tug & refinery combinations.


What do you lot think?




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