Creatives: Alex White – Episode 10 -Yutani Podcast

I enjoyed muthur9000’s chat with author Alex White, and his meditations on corporations of the future, their motivations and machinations. (A nice break from xeno-gazing, that.) Hearing him speak about his work background with scientific projects, his “Rocket City” friends, and being just a 7 hour drive up Interstate 59… all this resonated with me. Plus, his ease with self-deprecation (seemingly a standard with many contemporary Alien-universe creative professionals) was refreshing. This book has made it to the “Next Up” category in the “Nostromo Files” reading list. Kudos, Alex, on the “third-pitch-is-the-charm”! #AlienTheColdForge @alexrwhite


Title card design by Frans Hattingh

In this podcast, I talk to the author of Alien: The Cold Forge, Alex White. I have previously interviewed him for our Creatives series, and today we cover his inspiration for his character Blue Marsalis, and the Double Robotics presentation which sparked his idea.

With mentions of Avatar, Macross, and the new Taxonomy of the ‘Snatcher’ and ‘Plagiarus Praepotens,’ This podcast is spoiler-filled, do not listen to it unless you have read the book.

If you want the ‘xenomorph’ to remain a mystery please turn back now.

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