Alien Narcissus Studio Scale Replica #2




Those of you who have been faithful followers of my mental meanderings here at The Nostromo Files (and thank you very much for that!) probably know by now that whenever our 10 meter hyperstate antenna* picks up the signal of a new fan endeavour, we’re most probably going to lock that channel in and follow it’s progress… and take you along for the ride!

So it is with Mark’s Alien Narcissus Studio Scale Replica, project.

I have been fascinated with model building since my father ordered AMT’s 18-inch U.S.S. Enterprise as a gift for me back in the Seventies.

Folks like Mark who craft things from scratch really get my attention, since seeing techniques used for camera-ready miniatures in film is instructive as well.

But enough of that. On to Mark’s latest update:



Look for future links to his updates as Mark posts them. But don’t wait for them to show up here: visit his site and give it a Like/Follow so he’ll get a better idea of who is peering over his shoulder!

Here’s a link to Mark’s first post, if you need to do a bit of “catch-up”.



*Brimmicombe-Wood, Lee, and Dave Hughes. Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Titan Books, 2012. Page 135




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