Inside the future, with Métal Hurlant. (And Pascal Blanché.)



Moebius’ work would be the map guiding Ridley (Scott) throughout Tristan‘s development. “To me, [Métal Hurlant] had gotten inside the future. They managed to put their finger on what could be.”

–borrowed from “Dressing the Future”. Valaquen. Strange Shapes blog. Accessed 22 Jun 2018.


Ridley Scott is not the only creative mesmerized by the artistic vision of the Métal Hurlant crew!

Pascal Blanché (self-described as Senior Art director at Ubisoft Montreal, illustrator/concept artist,  world builder with his head in the stars since 1977) also appreciates them.

He posted the following recently on Twitter, recognizing Bernard Farkas, Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Philippe Druillet, and Jean Giraud/Moebius for their work on this very successful and influential graphic magazine:



Of course, fans of ALIEN know that Pascal ain’t no slouch, himself, when it comes to drawing in that universe:

Image property of Pascal Blanché. Used with permission.


Even a casual browse of Pascal’s website will demonstrate that the heavy-metal flavor permeates his own “head in the stars” art.


Thanks to Pascal for his post reminding us all of the team behind Métal Hurlant.




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