Chris Foss YouTube channel: Memories of working with Giger & Moebius.



Chris Foss has a YouTube Channel and if you enjoy learning more about his art, it is the place for you!

The distinctively industrial artwork of Chris Foss is known in the universe of Alien as part of the inspiration for the Nostromo’s bison-like appearance.

Credited on the film as a concept artist, Foss also visualized the refinery, the inside of the alien pyramid (from the early script drafts), and even some repair vehicles.  (And see Valaquen’s article for the story about Brian Johnson’s pressure-driven crash-course in using the art department’s drawings to build the Nostromo!)



Part of the experience on ALIEN was working with H. R. Giger and Moebius, of which Foss speaks on this video:



It is a rare treat to hear these artists reminisce. There are many more interesting videos for your enjoyment on his YouTube Channel!

(Thanks to Wayne Haag for re-tweeting news of this on Twitter.)




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