Keep a candle in the viewport…for ALIEN: The Blueprints.



Graham J. Langridge has a new book of blueprints in the pipeline with Titan Books, and while there is currently no release date, we here at The Nostromo Files are keeping vigil in the meantime.


The book’s cover, as shown at


Graham has long been a fan of ALIEN, and it shows in the style and detail of the blueprints he has released previously.










Graham’s critical thinking and draftsman’s skills are backed up by deep research and consultation with subject matter experts, enabling him to imagine in great detail more of the vehicles and technology of this retro-tech universe beset by its biomechanical horrors.

To read a few comments from Graham (aka USG Ishimura) himself, use these links to

New Item: Announcing Alien: The Blueprints from Titan Books!

Forum Topic: Announcing Alien: The Blueprints from Titan Books!

(As of this posting, the 6,107 views of that last topic is a good indication of strong fan interest in the book.)


The page at has more information about the book, but as you will read in Graham’s comments at AvPGalaxy, the release date is not accurate.


So, we wait. But not in vain.

There is an old tradition from the days of colonial America, when travelers bound for home were greeted with the sight of a candle burning in the front window. It was a welcome sign: part silent prayer for the safe return of the absent person and a sign that there was someone waiting and tending a fire inside.

The Nostromo Files borrows the spirit of this tradition by keeping a burning candle in the viewport… a sign that interest in Graham’s book is alive, and as a sign that there are many people waiting to enjoy it!


Yes, that is a candle burning on Ash’s work console…


Good luck, Graham!



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