Caught between a Matt and a Dane place.



Excuse the title’s pun, but seeing this photograph of Yutani Corporation‘s Clara Fei-Fei — taken amid Matt Hatton and Dane Hallett at the Supanova Sydney con — I simply could not help myself.



It has been incredible, seeing Clara’s online Alien fan activities grow — in six short months — from that modest Tumblr blog I stumbled upon into the full-on, rockin’ and ready-to-rumble enterprise that is the Yutani blog!

Clara, Matt, and Dane are all peas in a pod, really: sci-fi fans whose love of the genre has taken them to different places; but despite that, they remain eager to share their experiences and with great joy, interact with those whose lives have been touched by the works they have made.


Hatton’s hydrocephalic humor…


Find Matt Hatton on Instagram @matthatt0n.

Find Dane Hallett on Facebook.


Bravo, Clara Fei-Fei! You did one “Mother” of a job and I’m sure we will soon be enjoying the content generated by your trip to Supanova.

Cheers to Matt and Dane, as well: their upcoming collaboration, “Alien Covenant: David’s Drawings” is due out Tuesday, September 4, 2018, according to Titan Books.

From the Titan Books site: The in-universe sketchbook contains over two hundred illustrations. The companion book, ‘Developing the Art of an Android,’ holds an interview with Dane and Matt. And the book’s size is as monstrous as its content, measuring 9“ x 11 7/8”


Check out Clara Fei-Fei online, who just as MU-TH-UR was on the Nostromo, is into bloody everything:

muthur9000 on Tumblr

Yutani Corporation on Facebook

Yutani Assets on Twitter

r/LV223 on Reddit

muthur9000 on Instagram

Yutani MegaBlog on YouTube





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