Love’s labour’s (not always) lost.



The work of Dominic Kulcsar at the Alien Explorations website was cited, by Francis Stark, in a philosophical and informed essay on H. R. Giger, the development of The Big Chap, and the role of the creature in this story that haunts us even today.

The title of this article is about as deep into Shakespeare as I am capable of going. But his playful use of words in that title immediately came to mind when I read the news from Dominic this morning.

When a one labors over something as obscure as a fansite focusing over some aspect of ALIEN,  one may never know it one’s efforts are read, much less appreciated.

Regardless of that reality, you plod on. Because it is not about recognition, status, or power. It’s about that inability to avoid spending countless hours dreaming up new ideas, locating rare resources, and otherwise putting down thoughts, theories, and connections in writing.


And then that day comes when you get that “ping”, you find that signal from another kindred soul out in The Network, that tells you that what you have struggled to articulate from your imagination has resonated successfully with another and, in that sheer-magic way, brought that person into a fuller enjoyment of ALIEN.


But I will let someone speak to that far better than I can. Here is Dominic’s post:



Francis Stark is an Italian blogger who runs “The Soul of the Monster“. A look at his list of interests, movies, music, and books, reveals the breadth of his love of the fantastic. It is no wonder Giger’s work grabs his attention. He posts more regularly to his Facebook Page, L’Anima del Mostro.


The moral of this story is, of course, “Never give up!”

Don’t let complacency, uncertainty, fear of failure, or sheer inertia steal from you the fire and excitement of your project.


Congratulations, Dominic! What a wonderful gift you received in this!





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