The engineering mind of Parker.




Okay, so sure: we already knew from ALIEN that Parker had instinctive engineering skills despite his abrasive personality. After all, he came up with the incinerator units in about 20 minutes, right?


Well, about 14 years before that, he got caught up in a rebellion on Torin Prime and was imprisoned there.

But that didn’t stop him, no!  Not only did he flourish while imprisoned on Torin Prime (establishing the POWs black market), he escaped in an EEV he built from scrap! (See Parker’s personnel file, circa 2108)

So, knowing all of that, would it be a big surprise to learn that he might have actually had more than partying on his mind when he got back to Earth?

I mean, a fella can’t rely on the Company to hand out full shares, can he, baby?

Michael Scudieri might well have been thinking along the same lines when he drew this gem, attributed to Nostromo’s irascible chief engineer:



The notes are as in-character as the signature line at bottom. All it needs is a few Aspen beer stains, and it’s good to go!

Nice work there, Michael.




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