Page drafts…and a Drinking Lucky Bird.



Today, my writing helper is a straight-out-of-the-box Drinking Lucky Bird who is helping me review some recents edits to a page for the Overmonitoring Address Matrix.




Later, you will see that I did add these “lucky” Chinese blessings to his hat:



(See Christopher Johnson’s site for details.)


And just in case you may have never noticed these birds before, here a few screencaps to show you where they are seen:


The “breakfast” scene, after the crew wake up and assemble in the messroom. Two Drinking Lucky Birds are seen in the middle of the table in these next few photos, sipping from a proper Company coffee cup.




My Drinking Lucky Bird has a dark blue hat and his eyes are different. It also appears that the set dressers added more elaborate plumage to the two on the Nostromo.



My little fella makes a nice addition to the writing desk. I don’t know, someday maybe I will paint my Bird’s hat yellow, to match the ones in the movie. But he’s good enough for right now.




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