Markus Friebe’s ‘Alien Isolation’ experience



For me, Markus Friebe (of The Alien Encyclopedia) hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “only for the game to unload a bucket of ice water once you reach the maintenance area.”

(If you’ve played the game, you’ll know what that means.)

I can’t get enough of this game, despite the high anxiety it creates within me. I really only ‘enjoy’ it when I throw all realism to the wind and just go for broke, not caring if that digitigrade Big Chap nabs me!

I hope you enjoy Markus’ post…


1 – Introduction Maybe you remember my previous review for Colonial Marines where I lamented the fact that the franchise was suffering a bad streak because of first Prometheus and then Colonial Marines. While Alien Covenant failed to redeem the Alien on the silver screen, its video game incarnated returned in 2014 with a vengeance […]

via Alien Isolation review (part 1) — The Alien Encyclopedia

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