Early Nostromo concept model at auction.



Bill Pearson’s early concept model of the Nostromo will be at auction next month!

Profiles in History are holding their “Icons & Legends of Hollywood” auction in about 30 days and one of the ALIEN-related items is the model of the Nostromo crafted by model-making master Bill Pearson whose signature work helped make ALIEN a hallmark in science fiction cinema.


Model built by Bill Pearson


As you can see, the model (a prototype) displays many of the details that were seen in the final larger miniatures used in the production, especially the bridge bay windows, the tripod landing gear, the long central hull, the outrigger engine pods, and even the lifter quads.

Professional model-maker Steve Howarth, who knows Pearson personally, has said that the core of the model was balsa wood, stuck together using dress making pins.

You can read more about this model at Alien Explorations, where Dominic Kulcsar has an excellent article on the subject.

Where you will get your hands on the cash to buy this relic of ALIEN movie magic, well, that’s another question entirely!


Special thanks to Nostromania Fred for posting news of the auction on his Facebook Page, and to Steve Howarth for additional details about the model, and to Dominic for the article.




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