Nostromania Fred nous ramène à Shepperton … il y a 40 ans. (Introduction)



<NOTE: This post has been edited for clarity.>

This is the 40th year since production on ALIEN began and my friend Fred is taking full advantage of it!

Fred has a new project at his Nostromania Fred Facebook Page. He has been posting significant dates in 1978 from the Alien Diaries of H. R. Giger.

It is entitled, “Retour a Shepperton…il y a 40 ans.”



Giger’s experiences on ALIEN (1979) are well-documented in other books, but here in his diaries, we get a more subjective perspective, along with photographs.



Fred and I have been sharing our enjoyment of ALIEN (1979) for quite a while now, so I am not surprised at his creativity in dreaming up this new project: he has a knack for connecting these resources in ways that give them new life.

Here is the project summed up in Fred’s own words:

Comment s’est déroulé la production d’ALIEN il y a tout juste 40 ans dans les Studios de Shepperton ? Tentons d’en dérouler le fil, guidés HR Giger… / How does the production of ALIEN progress at Shepperton Studios, just 40 years ago ? Let’s try to tell the story guided by HR Giger…


I will be reposting his Facebook entries as he makes them, so that you too can follow along with what was on Giger’s mind as his work on Alien evolved at Shepperton Studios…

Prendre plaisir!





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