History and terminology.



If you have noticed the “This Date Aboard the Nostromo” (TDAN) calendar posts, these are auto-generated — by our MU-TH-UR Series 6000 computer — from significant dates in the lives of the Nostromo crew.

There have been many new visitors to The Nostromo Files site over the past months. Perhaps some of you may not be familiar with the crew histories and some of the exotic terminology mentioned in them.

It occurred to me recently that this might be a good time to point some things out.

The crew histories are located in the Overmonitoring Address Matrix, under “Flight Plan”.



From there, you can browse the Nostromo crew manifest and read all about what the crew had been up to before we meet them in 2122.

You will also see a link there to a glossary of terms found in those documents.

I hope these resources will be helpful to those of you just learning about the rich background information that has been created over the years about ALIEN.

Welcome aboard!




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