Observations on this year’s ALIEN Day action…



The Nostromo Files would like to recognize three sites for the time and effort they expended to assemble their respective ALIEN Day activities this year, but especially JM Prater and Clara Fei-Fei. With their multi-format content, they have both entered a larger arena…

I have done the research into what it takes to reach out to my ALIEN friends across the globe, and given the massive time zone differences, it is no easy feat.

Providing coverage through-out the 04/26 ‘day’ can stretch well beyond 24 hours because the celebration starts at the International Date Line and doesn’t end until it swings back around.

Not bad for a Fox marketing ploy begun in 2016 to gin up interest in the franchise.

This year, having Clara in Australia, AvPGalaxy.net spanning the UK-US, and JM in the US, I could see that attentive fans were able to enjoy ALIEN fun all around the world as the day broke, regardless of their time zone.

Almost like they planned it that way…


Here’s a run-down of my favorite sites that I visited the day after ALIEN Day (Yes, yes, I know I am late):


I’ll start with Yutani Blog, the newcomer. The site is run by a no-nonsense MU/TH/UR-ly persona that presides over a variety of content whose scope and quantity continue to grow…and amaze.  I first encountered the Tumblr-based intertextual analyses of Clara Fei-Fei in December 2017 and witnessed the foundation of Yutani Blog when it came on-line. Clara’s ability to ferret out folks for interviews is simply amazing. And she’s just getting started.


Perfect Organism Podcast is not new to the game, having provided slickly-produced podcasts, interviews, and blog posts for a few years now. They created content last year for ALIEN Day, but nothing compared to this year’s slate. JM Prater and I first crossed paths in May 2016, when the nascent podcast was just three months old. My, how it has grown! Congratulations to Jaime and his crew who have built the podcast into a prolific source of original ALIEN universe (and Blade Runner) content.


Sites like AvPGalaxy.net have been covering the AvP universe for years and the folks there with Aaron Percival and Adam Zeller make it look so easy, but we know it isn’t: lining up interviews, producing podcasts, writing reviews, and monitoring forums is no easier for them than keeping 12 Module on-line is for Parker and Brett.

Plus, AvPGalaxy.net is not in it for the mouse-clicks. They have set the standard pretty high and keep pulling wonders out of the hat. I’ve been using the site since before I re-started mine and most enjoy their downloads section.



From Yutani Blog, here is a special interview which includes greetings from fans to fans around the world.

Standouts for me among the greetings were Luis Nostromo’s Barcelonan flair, the surprise voice of Lorelei King (how the heck does MU/TH/UR get ahold of these people?), Scott’s report from Down Under, Wayne Haag (and that alarm!), and Michael Scudieri’s bourbony tones hacked by David 8.


Perfect Organism Podcast created “The Eighth Passenger” video that features the favorite scenes of Alien fans with brief commentary:

All of the entries are wonderfully articulated, but with all due respect to each contributor, I have to admit that it was the ones from Dan Ferlito, Michael Carter, Axel from Argentina, and Patrick Greene that really fired up my Overmonitoring Address Matrix! (Sorry, you’ll have to watch the ‘cast to make the connection.) Congratulations to Jaime and friends for pulling off this classy bit of fan-appreciation. 


And last but not least, the slate from AvPGalaxy.net’s News page, which brought things current on their competition, new releases, and an interview. I was pleased to read about the Dark Horse project and the visual diaries book:


In closing, I would note that these three sites complement each other well, and fill in the gaps between their interests quite nicely. There is no sense of competition or one-upmanship, yet they all maintain quality levels of production without pandering to the lowest common denominator, or encouraging the disparagement of polite fans whose opinions differ from theirs.

Which is great, since I prefer to experience “man’s inhumanity to man” in the Alien movies and not at fan sites.

I am really glad that these friends of The Nostromo Files keep up with all of this Alien universe stuff. It seems to have grown larger each time I peep in from Outer Rim…





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