ALIEN Official Poster Magazine #2 (1979).


The old saying goes that “you can’t go home again,” but thanks to online auctions, you can re-purchase things that you once owned but never thought you’d want again.

Case in point is the ALIEN Official Poster Magazine series. There were only two magazines published in this series. I recently received my copy and it is in perfect condition. The US-based seller is mycomicship, and they did a great job packaging the poster for its trip here from Texas.

The magazine folds out into several articles and photos: The cover of the magazine features a lesser known shot of the slobbering Alien, not seen in the film.

Inside, there are two articles: “The Alien Production File”  and “The Mystery of the Derelict.”  There are also photos of the Nostromo and Derelict sets.

A large poster on the back shows the Derelict and the Nostromo. Here are photos of the thing for your enjoyment:



A nice addition to the Fen Giddel collection that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.





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