Prometheus Pyramid and Alien Parallels by Jason Leger

Jason Leger’s reference to the pyramid in Alien’s early drafts is laudable. Citing O’Bannon’s “Perfectly Disgusting…” shows he’s digging deeper to illustrate the connections to the universe of Ridley’s original making. Kudos to Dave for publishing it. I like it and thought I’d share it with you all…


Let’s take a look at early drafts of the Alien script and it’s relation to Prometheus. The original Alien screenplay featured an unused pyramid sequence that was not filmed in the finished cut, but was ultimately streamlined with the Derelict Sequence in Alien.

Elements of that sequence appeared in Prometheus . The crew of the Prometheus find a large structure known as the “Pyramid ” much like the crew of the nostromo in alien. As Broussard (later renamed Kane) is lowered into the pyramid structure he notices the air inside is completely breathable

” …high oxygen content ,no dust. It’s completely breathable” Broussard yanks off his helmet and takes a deep breath of the air .

This is very similar in Prometheus. When Holloway and the expedition crew enter the structure and soon notice the air is breathable. Also stating the air to be cleaner than that of Earth’s.


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