Eine klein Nachtmusik (Or, What else is on Dallas’ playlist?)


About 45 minutes into ALIEN, we find Captain Dallas seeking refuge in the shuttle. After his mad scramble to watch helplessly as the facehugger’s acid blood almost compromises the ship’s hull, a moment of quiet peace seems appropriate…and earned.

His pose and facial expression in the shot has always reminded me of the concept art Moebius created for the spacesuits:




While the soothing strings of Mozart’s “little serenade” fill the compartment,  Dallas seems buried beneath the horror of Kane’s plight and the danger he has brought aboard the ship.

Weighty matters, indeed, for a Company man whose self-attested standard procedure is “to do what the hell they tell you to do!”

The piece of music is more formally known as, Eine kleine Nachtmusik Serenade in G Major, K-525, 2nd Movement II Romance Andante, written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1787.

Maybe you’re in a place at the moment where you could use a little quiet peace?  If so, here is the track in its entirety:



As I think about Dallas as a character, and what his music choice tells us about him, it occurs to me that it might be interesting to think about what other music might appeal to this 46-year-old fellow from Wolf Point, Montana, who graduated flight academy at 23, served in the military for 7 years before a dishonorable discharge, and has been working for Weyland-Yutani these past 9 years…

(Oh, and if you have any playlist ideas, shoot them to me? With whatever rationalization you might have for making the choice… If it gets published on the site, you’ll be credited.)




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