Nostromo in hyperspace, a la Heavy Metal.


Graphic novels have certainly become quite a part of science fiction and fantasy since the days when ALIEN first came out in 1979.

Heavy Metal’s Alien: The Illustrated Story (by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson) was my first exposure to the vivid colors and bold graphic elements of these comic book, eh, books. It is a¬†graphic novelization of the screenplay to the motion picture, published at the time of the film’s release.

I share with you today a page from that book. You’ll notice down at the bottom they’ve done a really cool drawing of the Nostromo in its warp bubble, slicing through hyperspace on its way back to Earth.



That’s really cool!

Oh, yeah…and did I mention that the rest of the page depicts the chestburster scene in all its sanguine glory!

Sorry, but I guess I should have pointed that out first…


from ALIEN: The Illustrated Story, by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson. 1979.


Only 17 days left until ALIEN Day 2018…do you know where your video disc is?



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