Getting it all together, with a little help from my friends.



It is time I started properly cataloguing my ALIEN resource materials so that I can stop relying on my memory alone. I have gathered much over the years.

There are many details to keep up with about ALIEN (1979) alone, much less the entire series. In recent conversation with my friend Adam at The Nostromo Unplugged, I recognized the need to be as accurate as possible in my discourses about ALIEN.

So, I have embarked on a project to create a bibliography of my resource material so that I will not only remember that I have it, most importantly I won’t buy it again!


Humble beginnings…


Maybe I can get around to scanning everything as well so that, with a little help from Optical Character Recognition (OCR), I can even add the word search option to my tool-kit.



Of course, like everywhere else around the universe, funds are tight here at the Weylan-Yutani Special Archives Section, especially for The Nostromo Files. Then good news is that I have managed to convince our Head of Section, Director Lee Ho Fook, to hire a temporary data entry operator to help me out with the tasks at hand.


Edin Monsoon green master image
Our new Data Entry Operator (DEO), Edina Monsoon, armed with the (ahem) essentials needed for the job.


As you can see, she’s a charming, no-nonsense gal, but I am not quite sure how quickly the bibliography will be completed. Something tells me I might be in for a little push back from this one.

I have already received from her a requisition form for a weekly carton of Balaji Imperials…




(Note: Let me make something clear for my foreign readers, in case Google Translate has confused things. (Or for any other innocent bystanders!):

The Special Archives Section – The Nostromo Files  (TNF) is a fictional construct. I imagine TNF is stuck in a broom-closet somewhere in the basement depths of a nondescript corporate high-rise. There, my alter-ego and TNF’s harried archivist Fen Giddel, is an overworked and underpaid minion of the Company.

 I use this little construct to have a little fun with the site, having gone so far as to draft up a Weylan-Yutani corporate organizational chart. The Director’s name, as well as the DEO’s name, have some significance, if you care to web-search them for a laugh. Thanks, in advance, for your polite forbearance.)



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