Cartographic creativity; and an Encouraging Word.



Creating original content in the Alien universe is great fun, especially when it comes to filling in the blanks that were never really well set up in the movie.

Seeing others in the pursuit of their own ALIEN dreams of collecting, writing, drawing, sculpting, podcasting, costuming, and model-building encourages me in my own endeavors.

You know who you are, since I try to tell you so as often as I can.

I would return the favor today by saying: Carry on, and let your heart run free with your dream! This is an interesting time to be a fan of ALIEN.


In months past, after discovering Ron Cobb’s chart on his website, I have been working on my version of a map of the planetoid as time permits.


This artwork is the property of Ron Cobb used without permission for educational purposes only.


Here is a photo of where I have taken it so far, with some calculations and other notes.



This chart was used to make preliminary graphics for the website. It was flipped vertically. (Oddly enough, an accidental geographic feature in the center bears a vague resemblance to the Emperor Sea Strider in Wayne Barlowe’s Expedition book. I mention this because friends like Dominic of Alien Explorations have an eye for such connections.)


Screenshot of the Emperor Sea Strider from Wayne Barlowe’s excellent page about his Expedition book project.


While the shape of his macrocephaly is different, notice the common large eye and beak-like rostrum.


But I digress…

Here are the maps:


A projection of the Nostromo’s landing path.


A ranging map from Nostromo to the source of the transmission. I am certain the actual route was much less direct, given the amount of complaining we heard from Lambert.


So keep your eyes peeled for future cartographic wonders from the wonderful world of ALIEN (1979), either from here or possibly the vicinity of the Indian Ocean…





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