Big Chap Alien 2.0, by Yoshihiko Sano.




This beautiful and very accurate statue of H. R. Giger’s ‘Big Chap’ was sculpted by Yoshihiko Sano for Solid Art, whose portfolio of fine art collectibles is amazing.

This Big Chap resin case statue stands at around 19 inches tall and has all the proportions and details of Giger’s costume as seen in the movie.

The Heroes Club link below has him posed, appropriately, with a statue of Giger.


Source: Heroes Club | California | Art Of Toys / Solid Art


See also this link for specs and photos. You’ll see him in his hermaphroditic glory, with familiar details like the skull behind the dome, the stinger tip on the tail, the rib-cage detail, the waspy hips…even down to the skulls on the creature’s hands and between his ribs.


When you see the photos, you can really see why The Big Chap statue is going for around US $1,900 at eBay.


Then you have folks like SilentSurfer’sLab who dress it up even more.

A stroll through all of those photos makes it really tempting to add this to my collection, but personally, I don’t think my heart could take that much horror staring out at me from the bookshelves in my study!




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