Nostromo insignia, extrapolated.



Art director and designer Guillaume Bonte (aka “96”) has created an interesting webpage showcasing his take on the crew insignias from the Nostromo.

A riff on the Ron Cobb designs in the Authorized Portfolio of Crew Insignias from the United States Commercial Spaceship Nostromo issued in 1980 by the Thinking Cap Co. (below left), Bonte’s work captures the feel and boldness of those designs (below right).



You may be familiar with Ron Cobb’s graphical representations of the United States Tricentennial patch and the UK7 patch, shown here by 96:



Bronte has taken these conceits further, showing us similar patches for MACA-1, KND-AAA, and even one for the United America’s 51st State, shown here:



You can enjoy these and more at Bronte’s Facebook page.

What also makes this work a stand out is Bonte’s mention of Álvaro G. Plata’s “REMASTERED: A Soundtrack For The Film ALIEN,” itself an original project that adds depth to the film’s universe.

Apparently Bronte listened to Plata’s remaster as he created his graphical representations of future Earth governments for his site.

How fitting is it that one fan’s work should build upon another’s, in a manner of speaking?




  1. What a great post! I really enjoyed this homage to the original artwork and totally agree that the updated score added scope, depth, and really completed this movie in a way only music and sound can. Like lightning, (I used to do stage lighting and rigging for concert tours while working way through undergrad and graduate school) it completes a “picture” when done correctly. Too much you take away from the performance, too little and everything falls short – this goes for movies as well – anyone who braved *gag* AVP:Requiem knows exactly how really bad lighting can just kill an already dead movie (apologies to all of you who did enjoy the AVP series – PLEASE take no offense! They just weren’t for me – but hey I did see & buy them so hey I’ve really no room to complain – but I do adore my Xenomorphs! Lolol AND ADI who’s work I just LOVE! ). These badges are fantastic! I really love what was done! Definitely check out the Facebook page link to see all of it! It’s AWESOME! Thank you so very much for sharing this! Lady Anne ^^ö^^



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