Starship Traffic Control Authority – Galactic Map (TAUT)



The Alien Universe Timeline website recently updated its Galactic Map, providing always-interesting reasoning behind the choices made for placement of items in the galaxy.

Click here for the run-down on the changes that were made.

Since I am a resident of the Northern Hemisphere and have never been a whiz at geography, I thought it would be helpful to plot out for myself the locations of the Starship Traffic Control Authority’s primary locations.

Here, for your perusal, are the locations of the STCA:

Click the graphic to see it in 4463 × 3643 resolution.


In case you have ever wondered why Nostromo was attempting to call Traffic Control in Antarctica, perhaps it will become clear when you take a look at this map of the sky, as seen from the Southern Hemisphere:

The constellation Reticulum contains the star system Zeta 2 Reticuli, whose planetoid was the location of the “transmission of unknown origin”. Click for a larger view.


Click here to read more about The Reticulum constellation.


Also: special thanks to Scott Middlebrook for his continued efforts to document the Alien universe at The Alien Universe Timeline.




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