Things to come.




Weyland-Yutani Corporation 
Information & Social Infrastructure Business Unit 
Special Archives Section

To:    Fen Giddel, Consulting Archivist
       Special Archives Section
       The Nostromo Files

From:  Lee Ho Fook, Acting Director
       Special Archives Section


Your assigned tasks have not been completed in a uniform and timely manner.

As evidenced by user logs, your personal use of the Interweb Network during your allotted work schedule has resulted in your failure to meet Company goals.

This abuse must cease immediately.

To assist you in reaching those goals, you are instructed to take your lunch break in the company cafeteria instead of leaving the Corporate Office Complex. Working in the SubLevel Four Basement does not exempt you from this requirement.

You are also instructed to limit bathroom breaks to 15 minutes, and to use the men’s facilities on the 6th Floor outside my office so your time away from your work station can be monitored. (I suggest using the back stairs, since the elevators become quite congested during the day.)

If immediate improvement in work production is not seen, action will be taken to end your coffee break privileges.

But here is good news:

To further enhance Company archive records for our research consumers, the following action items have been added to your workflow:

__ Complete the analysis of ALIEN scripts.
__ Compile a Master Script Index.
__ Compile transcripts of ALIEN films.
__ Compile transcripts of ALIEN special features.

If you wish to discuss these directives, I am available to do so any day of the week during normal business hours, except for the next three weeks. I am taking a much-needed vacation and will be out of the office. Kindly hold your concerns until my return.

Have a nice day.


This post began as a simple report on some things I am working on. But as I thought about all of the things I want to do for this site and what that might look like if it were an actual job, my imagination wandered… I hope you enjoy it.




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