Ridley Scott’s Shooting Script From Alien.




I’ll bet, like me, your heart leapt in your chest when you read that title.



Alas, this is just a link to an old article (and very brief, at that) by Brent McKnight at Giant Freakin Robot about this wonderful tome that would bring so much more enjoyment to our universe of ALIEN imagination.

Don’t you just love that Company logo sticker on the cover?

See the article by clicking the photo. There are a few shots of the pages…

and Ridley’s doodles…




  1. Lolololol YES YES YES! Lolol you got me good! Lolol HEY dream large right?!?! Wanna know something even more “slap one’s forehead over”? I Was in Seattle, well Whidbey Island Area in Oak Harbor looking for a home as it was my husband’s last duty station after nearly 17 or so years at the Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, VA – where I had just retired from, we both worked on F-14’s, – any way we got 10 days house hunting leave and came out, bought home and were driving home, and I ABSOLUTELY INSISTED on stopping at the Science Fiction Museum by the space needle because one of the Queen Hero puppets is there and one of the powerloaders! But we had to leave before we realized that Ridley would be there and program was free because I had joined & I missed by ONE HOUR!!!! O-M-G SERIOUSLY! – Getting to see Sir Ridley Scott @ the Seattle Science Fiction Museum where he screened Director Cut of Alien then spent over 6 hours hanging out with the audience which there weren’t that many there maybe 50? I think the lady told me, but just answering questions sharing his original sketches and storyboards, and telling funny stories about filmmaking of not only Alien but just about the craft itself! I wanted to jump out of the moving car and run back! *screams yet again* I wanted to die! OMG can you imagine just bring there! Lady Anne ^^ö^^


    1. Wow, Lady Anne…that’s quite the ‘near miss’ and makes for a great ALIEN-related story! Can you just imagine that small group’s memories? Very glad you did not jump out of the car, though. We need all the science fiction fans we can get, ya know? ;). Thanks for sharing.



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