Saturday…scouring the special features of ALIEN.



I’ve had blast-and-a-half doing the research I posted about Friday on the Facebook page…



I stumbled over some unexpected treasures I wanted to share with you, in case you’re not following the FB page. (I prefer to let the blog be the source for the social media pages, but I got a bit excited.)

So, here for you, are some photos I found of interest:


Exploring ALIEN. Here’s one for ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic: Ash, showing his ass, during the chestburster conflagration. (Photo from the ALIEN Anthology photo galleries.)



Someone at the Building Better Worlds FB group had a question about whether or not the Nostromo’s registration, as painted on a version of the model, was “LV-426”. Turns out it wasn’t. Here’s some shots I found while doing the fun research. Note this number differs from the one Ripley recites in dialogue… (Photos from the ALIEN Anthology photo galleries.)




Exploring ALIEN, part 2: Some neat shots of the map table, aft section of the Nostromo bridge. Dominic Kulcsar may enjoy seeing additional details of the maps used there. (Photo from the ALIEN Anthology photo galleries.)





Exploring ALIEN, part 3: menu animation from Alien, The Director’s Cut DVD. Some interesting insights into selections available on Gateway Division’s computer interface menu: IC&A, OVCF, IT&C, N-CNN, and SWD [Eyes Only]…




And last but not least, I confirmed that there are two different versions of the ‘transmission of unknown origin” heard in the deleted scenes and restored to the 2003 Director’s Cut:

Screenshot of data readout, The Nostromo Files archives.


Whew…I’m spent!

It has been a busy day, and I managed to toss a couple of bones to some friends on The Network while I was at it.

I think I’ll enjoy the rest of the afternoon watching the Theatrical Version to confirm some other web content you’ll see one day in the future. (A favorite  scene is Dallas’ depressing “What are my chances?” query…)

In the meantime, why not crack open your own Alien video sets and give those special features another browse? Never know what you’re gonna find…





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