The Semiotic Standard and the Creature’s Lifespan.



It is a good feeling to see that your labor of love is used by others to further the knowledge of ALIEN.

Or to state that in a less-reserved tone: How cool is it when you see that someone borrowed your skanky old Semiotic Standard art (drawn in MSPaint) to write a cool article?!

John at Homages, Ripoffs, and Coincidences explored the possible connections the ship signage has with the alien’s life-cycle.


From The Nostromo Files’ Semiotic Standard page, circa 2001:  my reproductions of Cobb’s original art, columnated by Yahoo! Geocities’ WYSIWYG HTML editor. Those shaded borders were state of the art in those days and they helped identify the artwork in the article below.


So the next time you think you’re wasting your time creating something cool about a thing you love, think again! You might be inspiring someone else to be creative as well…


Source: Homages, Ripoffs, and Coincidences: The Semiotic Standard and the Creature’s Lifespan




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