What Ever Happened To Webrings?



Back when The Nostromo Files was young, the Internet was too. When you found a website, you had better bookmark it because you might never find it again if your History folder got cleared. In those days, there was a thing called a webring that created community between the websites of common interests.


It wasn’t rocket science, but it brought people together. (Graphic from webringworld.org)


This writer at Hover gets it:

If the words GeoCities, Excite or Alta Vista mean anything to you, then chances are that the word ‘webring’ triggers a sudden pang of nostalgia. Webrings conjure up an era when finding things on the web wasn’t as easy as googling it; rather, it was an adventure wading through the abyss of this mysterious new “world wide web” in order to find information you were searching for.

Read more about this: What Ever Happened To Webrings?

If you have a memory to share about using Webrings, leave it in a comment, won’t you?




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