The Nostromo Files collects the 1979 Topps ALIEN Trading Cards.



Part of the fun of collecting ALIEN memorabilia is coming up with your own way of making it uniquely your own.

When I decided to buy my own set of the 1979 Topps ALIEN Trading Cards, I did the requisite googling to see what I needed to buy in order to have a complete set (in my eyes), and I also consulted fellow collectors, including mon ami Français, Cinesfx Fred.

According to Ryan Cracknell’s entry at The Cardboard Connection website, Topps produced a set of 84 bubble gum trading cards for the R-rated horror film, with an additional 22 stickers.


Card No. 78, labeled with typical dramatic caption: “It lives to Destroy!”


As I did the research, it was interesting to learn from others about their experience collecting the set: why they wanted them, how they decided to display them.

Some folks buy a box full of factory-sealed packets so that they can experience (or re-live) the excitement of seeing them on the store shelf. Others opt for a complete set of cards, since the factory-sealed packets don’t guarantee you will have a complete set. (Some do both.)

Mystery was part of the gimmick of bubble gum card sets: you never knew what you would unwrap when you bought the packet, so you kept buying them until you finally got a whole set and traded away the extra cards to friends who were also building a set. Trouble with this set was that ALIEN was not a kids’ movie, so anyone collecting the cards might have to keep them hidden from the adults.

As with any other collectible, there is really no single way to display them. To paraphrase David quoting Lawrence of Arabia, “The trick, fellow ALIEN fans, is deciding what satisfies your heart’s desire.”

My choices may not fit yours, but I enjoyed putting my complete set into a binder, with a pristine box (folded neatly) and wax wrapper (each card was originally wrapped in this with a stick of bubble gum).

A little creative cut ‘n paste, and I made covers and spine for the binder.


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    I was thinking of buying this set too! Now that I have seen it I will.definotely have to consider it. I just bought some Alien: Resurrection lobby cards today. So I will have to wait a while till I have enough funds for this collectors item.


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