Cliff Erasmus and his Space Jockey model build.



When I read this kit review back in 1997, I never dreamed that I would come to know more about the model-builder and see other the incredible work that he does.


The Halcyon Space Jockey model built (and set-dressed) by Cliff Erasmus.


This article, written by Friend-of-The-Nostromo-Files Cliff Erasmus was certainly a crowd-pleaser, especially the way he painted and detailed it to accurately represent the film. The article captures Cliff’s enthusiasm about the kit, and a great feeling of nostalgia.

As I have written before, there was a scarcity of ALIEN imagery on the fledgeling internet, so it was always amazing to find something original. Starship Modeler was a great place to find your favorite spacecraft in plastic!

Enjoy the article: Starship Modeler – Space Jockey (Alien)




Postscript: Cliff’s current project will absolutely blow you away, so head on over here to see his U.S.S. Sulaco after you read the article.




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