Nostromo Bridge by Cinesfx Fred.



C’est une chose merveilleuse de rencontrer un ami de façon inattendue!

Er, sorry. Let’s try that again:

It is a great feeling when you run into a friend unexpectedly, isn’t it? Well, that’s what happened when I was browsing this website and found the Nostromo bridge.

Cinesfx Fred is a wizard with cardboard and I have posted before about his amazing Nostromania work.

As his creative work shows, he knows the Nostromo inside out. When you lay your eyes on this website, you’ll be believer if you have any doubt left in your mind.

Think I’m crazy? Take a look at this:


<Cut scene from ALIEN, or a moody-lit shot of Cinesfx Fred’s model work? You be the judge…


A very rare shot of the port side of the bridge. This is looking out from the interconnecting tunnel where Ripley argued with Dallas as he headed for the bridge.


Dallas &amp; Ripley A-Deck plan copy
Floor plan for the set used to portray A Deck.


Source: Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic



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