Constructing the Refinery (in LEGO).



Grantmasters messaged me recently to tell me about another interesting LEGO creation from the universe of ALIEN. This one was built by Remco Rohaan.

According to Rohaan’s “About” bio,

I only recently started designing my own LEGO, but loved LEGO since I was a small kid! Who didn’t? Through trial and error, I published my first LEGO design this May 2017; the USCSS Nostromo with Refinery from the original Alien motion picture (1978).

I am a big sci-fi fan so expect more works from franchises like Alien and BSG. I am also have some less “futuristic” ideas for LEGO models … if only there was more time to finish all of them :-)! Next to being a LEGO fan, I enjoy the outdoors with my wife and two young kids, sports and have a keen interest in photography.


In two galleries containing a total of 56 photographs, Remco documents the construction of one of science fiction’s iconic industrial spacecraft.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:


LEGO USCSS Nostromo Refinery, by Remco Rohaan.


See the Flickr Photostream via Remco Rohaan | Flickr


(Special thanks to Grantmasters for pointing out this unique project.)




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