Locating the airlock lift.



I have alluded to the amount of discussion that took place over where the airlock lift is located on Nostromo elsewhere.



Here are a couple of shots where I ‘fixed’ the film, once we decided (in our infinite fannish wisdom) that the lift is near the front landing gear. You’ll notice in the first photo below, there is a lighting stand (screen left) by the starboard landing gear.

(I’m guessing that’s what it is since no one on the film crew has ever been quoted as saying it was intended to be the support strut for the lift.)

I moved it (in the second picture) to its ‘proper’ place beside the forward landing gear.


Before Airlock lift


After airlock lift


Now, on to more important puzzlers, like ‘Where was Ripley coming from when she came down the ladder and got slapped by Lambert?”




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