H. R. GIGER: BEHIND THE ALIEN FORMS – Scraps from the loft

One of the few interviews with ALIEN’s dark artist that established how his name is pronounced. In this interview with Starlog’s David Huston, H. R. Giger talks about his experience with working on the movie, and the disturbing scope of his artistry.



“In the first design for the alien, he had big black eyes. But somebody said he looked too much like a… what do you call it… a Hell’s Angel; all in black with the black goggles. And then I thought: It would be even more frightening if there are no eyes! We made him blind! Then when the camera comes close, you see only the holes of the skull. Now that’s really frightening. Because, you see, even without eyes he always knows exactly where his victims are, and he attacks directly, suddenly, unerringly. Like a striking snake.

“Then I started thinking. That long skull ought to have a function. I thought: I can make a long tongue come out. The end of the tongue even looks like the head of the chest-burster


If you dare to read more, click here: H.R. GIGER: BEHIND THE ALIEN FORMS – Scraps from the loft





  1. And the hits keep rolling out from our gracious host here on the Nostromo Files! What a great entry indeed!

    Please follow the link to read this wonderful article in its entirety! Such a treat to get into the mind of H. R. Giger and read in his own words his personal journey not only with Alien but his artwork as a whole. I love his passion for being committed to showing his vision of the biomechanical and the possibilities the broad canvas of science fiction allows one to explore that.

    I found it interesting the answer he gave near the end of the interview when he was asked who he paints for, very tounge in cheek indeed for anyone who’s actually heard him speak about this – which unfortunately doesn’t transcribe to just written form. Again, for anyone who’s actually heard him speak you’ll know right away his answer is meant in his shy but wickedly delicious wit! Unfortunately, like I said that doesn’t transcribe well to just written form unless the interviewer notes it which I feel this person didn’t.

    H. R.’s always struck me in actual interviews as a genuine, intelligent, very shy, schathingly wittiy, and humble fellow. His artwork is not for everyone to be sure, but I find it very intriguing and thought provoking. Exploring those places deep within us all that we tend to avoid due to the graphic and sometimes disturbing thoughts that come with shining the flashlight in those dark corners of one’s mind.

    That being said, it’s exactly that, that did bring to life the world, environment, and the true star of the film, the Alien, itself! From the start Ridley Scott was in love with Giger’s work and relied upon him for many of the iconic elements in Alien. Truly a great match. R.I.P. to H.R Giger – who’s artwork shall always be remembered for the inspiration it gave to the world and Xenomorphs of the Alien universe and for it’s, at times, disturbing look of biomechanical sexuality and sensuality.

    As always, a HUGE thank you to Nostromo Files for this look at the works of this incredible individual! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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      1. Yes! I totally agree! And he actually did work on and ( through his artwork) inspire many films – I was amazed reading about just how many in a biography I read about him a while back.

        I really can’t thank you enough for your wonderful blog/site – you truly pick topics that cover everything and each invites one to ponder the bigger picture and the how’s and why’s of not just Alien per say but filmmaking in general! I absolutely look forward to seeing a notice in my email that you have a new post up. Your commitment to intelligent and intriguing topics is just fabulous and I as I’m sure everyone else here feels the same way.

        There’s lots of sites that deal with this topic, BUT to find one that’s actually worthy of reading and intelligent? Not so much LOLOL

        SO yours is a breath of fresh air indeed and happily adored by we who follow it! Thank you so very much! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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