CORRECTION: Welcome, Universo Alien!



[Editor’s note: when this originally posted, I was under the mistaken impression that LuisNostromo owned the web site. I have edited the original post accordingly. My apologies for the confusion. Luis has clarified that he is helping out a friend. Either way, though, it is a cool looking site worth visiting.]



Join me in welcoming a new Spanish website, “Universo Alien“, to the Network. Thanks to Luis Nostromo for spreading the news.

Luis Nostromo has gained recognition across the world of ALIEN fans as he documents his collection and connections with passionate posts on his social media site.

I mean, when runs a feature to spotlight your collection, you must be doing something right! Right?

I first heard about him when my friend Cinesfx Fred visited him to see his collection.

In addition, Luis has promoted the web sites of other Spanish fans, most notably Gvergara’s El Noveno Pasajero.


Now, he is helping a friend with a new web page that he hopes will build community among Spanish fans of the ALIEN franchise.

But he says it better than I can:

Universo Alien te presenta su web, una web que nace de una ilusión, de mi pasión juvenil.

Antes de cumplir los 12 años mis padres me ponían la película Alien una y otra vez y esta me cautivó, me llevó al cine a ver Alien³ y se convirtió en mi pasión de por vida.

Mi nombre es Lluís SD, me encontrarás en Twitter como @Lluis4K (aunque te recomiendo seguirme en @UniversoAlien) y soy el responsable de hacer realidad la que espero sea la mejor comunidad de fans de Alien en Español.

Esto no sería posible sin @fox_cine, que nos ha dado algo que amar y sin @synchronscom, que han hecho realidad mis sueños con el desarrollo de la web, los contenidos multimedia y el apoyo profesional y personal diario. ¡A por ella! Te espero en

Per Google Translate:

Universe Alien presents its web, a web that is born of an illusion, of my youthful passion.

Before turning 12, my parents used to put the Alien film on me again and again and this captivated me, took me to the cinema to see Alien³ and it became my lifelong passion.

My name is Lluís SD, you will find me on Twitter like @ Lluis4K (although I recommend you follow me at @UniversoAlien) and I am responsible for making reality what I hope will be the best fan community of Alien in Spanish.

This would not be possible without @fox_cine, which has given us something to love and without @synchronscom, that have made my dreams come true with the development of the web, multimedia content and daily professional and personal support to her! I wait for you in

I viewed this in Google Chrome, which translated the navigation menu for me.

It is a wonderful thing to see that this ALIEN franchise we all enjoy is able to bring people together, of all nationalities, in a positive way that builds up instead of tears down. Luis has always been that kind of ALIEN fan. I am sure his friend is glad to have such a knowledgable person to help out.

So why not pop on over to the website and check it out?

Universo Alien > La comunidad online de Alien en Español

By the way, you’ll find there a really neat way to keep up with changes to the site.



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