Science Officer Ash. ALIEN Topps Trading Card. 1979.



My ALIEN 1979 Topps Trading (and Sticker) Set came in the mail yesterday, so I am cataloguing the information found on them  today.




Since 1979, the things in ALIEN have become a bit trite with over-familiarity. Collectibles like these restore some of the original excitement I remember from when it was all so new, so different, and so…so…


(You thought I was going to write “alien”, didn’t you?)

The character of Ash has been debated, expounded upon, and dissected in a thousand conversations. The photograph of the character on the Topps card is quite disarming in the blandness of expression. The back of the card provides descriptive words that would not have spoiled the movie for the card collector who had not yet seen it, but they provide really all one needs to  appreciate the character at face value.


Ash ALIEN Topps Trading Card No 11, in clickable high resolution.


And the whole “last minute” aspect of Ash’s arrival almost seems to shed light on how long the Company may have had knowledge of a mysterious (and possibly profitable) alien presence on that far distant planetoid in the stellar neighborhood of Zeta 2 Reticuli.




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