Lee Stringer ‘wings it’ well.



Lee Stringer is the guy who had his artistic hand in the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (and many, many other digital creations). What’s his connection to the Nostromo? I’m glad you asked…



Lee builds models as well, as you will see shortly. He also stays busy in the visual effects industry, so it is very special to find that he recently shared some graphics on his Flickr Photostream that might be of interest to those of us who geek Nostromo costuming, including those fabulous Weylan-Yutani wings in a mother-lovin’  1275 x 445 resolution.


The Flickr home page for Lee Stringer. Click it to visit.


Many thanks for sharing these, Lee!


(Please note that due to the nature of Flickr, as Lee adds to his Photostream the graphics written of in this post may be further down in the galleries. They will always be worth digging for!)




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