A thousand pardons…

…to those of you who follow this blog by email.

I’ve been testing a new functionality and while I can delete the test posts, I cannot delete the email notifications that go out to you good folks with dead links.

Sorry for the confusion and extra Inbox garbage.

Bear with me? It should be over very soon.



  1. Thank you so very much for the update. I thought my WordPress was deleting or messing up your posts for some reason and was just about to go full postal Xenomorph on it lololol then I saw your note! Lolol No worries at all! Hope you’re able to figure out what you’re trying to get done – I’m still trying to get my page to look how I want and can’t even do that! Lololol

    Love Your Blog! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

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    1. Hi, L.A.B.! I chatted yesterday with WP and they told me there is no way I can turn off the email notifications to my subscribers while I am testing, so it was good in a way to find out I didn’t subject you folks to unnecessary confusion. I love your avatar picture, and your blog has some interesting content I’ve been reading lately. Thanks for checking in. See you around The Network! 😉

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      1. Oh wow thank you so very much for visiting my blog (was it the classroom? Or the other?) I’m A retired Geomorphologist so I run a free “Classroom” mostly on science related items lol but a lot of history as well – hey with a screen name like Anne Boleyn I’ve got to cover a bit of history right?! Lol Also thank you so much for compliment on picture!

        LOVING your blog! I’ve been an Alien, Ripley, Xenomorph fan since opening day in 1979 lolol and while sadly I fear Sir Ridley Scott has gone a little bit askew of where I was hoping he was going to go – again lololol what can I say lolol I’m a scientist myself and I’m sorry but there’s just NO WAY we’d go merrily skipping through fields of giant wheat on some planet that was somehow missed after searching sector for 10 years for a habitable planet and the closest they found was a 8yr hypersleep away as opposed to this one only a year and some change away?! With no protection? Really?! Lolol Then again I still can’t figure out what happens to that one sock per load that goes missing so hey! What do I know!! Lolol

        Seriously though no worries about the extra email – I look at it as a reminder to go check out your awesome blog and soak in some Alien information, debates, questions, how to get stubborn acid stains off boots, etc! Can’t wait to see your next entry!

        Until then, tis Lady Anne ^^ö^^(& BabyBat), last known reader of this idle message, signing off – say where’d this egg looking thing come from?! Should I touch it? With my bare hands? Oops! Oh the humanity! It’s just junk mail! Oh but 25% off lighting at Lowe’s y’all!!

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