“You lookin’ at me?” (Or, “Giger fans: Get out your wallets!”)



I must say, if confronted by such question (…and such a sight!), I would fear for my future as a fan of ALIEN…

You really never know what you will find for sale (or sold!) at Prop Store – Ultimate Movie Collectibles! And today’s line-up is outstanding…

Alien – Production Concept Print – Facehugger


Alien – Production Concept Print – Ship Interior


Alien – Production Concept Print – Creature Concept


Alien – Production Concept Print – Xenomorph Looking Forward


Alien – Production Concept Print – Xenomorph Extending Inner Jaw


Alien – Production Concept Print – Ship Design


Alien – Production Concept Print – Space Suit


(I can remember a time, about 40 years ago, when the mere sight of these images, to paraphrase Parker, “gave me the creeps!”)


And for the more practical-minded fan, a set of production paperwork:

Alien – Special Effects Budget Paperwork


If one of the items there has sold, let not your heart be broken! These items do change hands over time, so perhaps one day you’ll have it in your hot little hands…




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