The Alien FAQ.



Astronaut: The Old Man, by Sad Cosmo

Hey, all you whippersnappers who think you know everything there is to know about Alien, Aliens, and Alien3! Have I got something to share with you!



Check out this blast from the past: It’s called the ALIEN FAQ, and — in four parts — it spells out the details about the first three movies of the franchise.

Created and maintained by Eelko de Vos and Darryll Hobson, it was one of many such FAQs that were standard equipment for fan websites in the 90s. It was posted monthly to Usenet newsgroups (Usenet, a portmanteau of “users network”, was a worldwide distributed discussion system developed in 1980 from dial-up network architecture. Before Apple and Microsoft released graphical user interfaces, this text-based system was a very popular precursor to today’s discussion boards.)

The ALIEN FAQ was one of the leading sources for Alien trivia from 1993 to 1997, when a new film called Alien Resurrection came out. It was never updated after that.

One of the things that gives the Alien FAQ a bit of character in this CG-driven world, is the ASCII art that graced it header page:


As shown above, the alien (in profile) with tongue extended


The alien, in ASCII.


Facehugger, ASCII-style


ASCII art (also known as text-based visual art) sometimes took a bit of imagination to see, since it was limited to 95 printable characters, but it can be created with any text editor.

But enough about yesterday’s technology…that discussion has no place on a blog about the Nostromo

…or does it?

Brush up on your trivia, boys and girls, and see if anything in the Alien FAQ has been superseded by subsequent developments in fandom.

And you may learn a thing or two…(and of course, some things might have been debunked by now.)

Get started here: MOVIES: ALIEN FAQ part 1/4




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