Connections, Ridleygrams, and the encouragement of creativity.



Browsing through ‘Ridleygrams’ (storyboards drawn by Ridley Scott for his films) is always a delight in and of itself. But sometimes they lead me to think of other things…or in this case, two people.

ONE: I came across this ‘Ridleygram’ of Jones the shipboard cat of Nostromo today. Curious how Ridley Scott thought of adding a shot of a cat’s reaction (or lack thereof) to a science fiction movie.


Ridley Scott storyboard with Jones.


Flash-forward to contemporary times, when graphic novelist Michael Scudieri chose a frame of Jones to add additional texture to his work-in-progress tale of Ash.


Sample from ASH: A Fan Comic, by Michael Scudieri



TWO: In the following Ridleygram, we are treated to Ridley Scott’s vision of the Nostromo separating from the refinery as it makes its way down to the mysterious planetoid. His choice of framing highlights the balletic quality of the final shot.


Ridleygram Nostromo separated landing on planet


Flash-forward to contemporary times when artist and Illustrator John R. Mullaney chooses an effective perspective from which to convey the funky qualities of the USCSS Nostromo.



I made these connections today since it is a particularly nasty one of wet cold weather here in the Gulf South, which made me wish I was indoors all day writing something for the website.

Accordingly, today I would wish these two artists a bit of encouragement in their work, regardless of their weather or current location, since the world will always be a better place for their creative visions. There’s at least one of your fans thinking about what your magic minds are imagining next.

After all, someone probably encouraged Ridley Scott to draw those storyboards, don’t you think?


Ridleygram of the opening sequence, showing the crew awakening on board the Nostromo




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