The Andy Rowlands Nostromo Set Plan Models.



Andy Rowlands is another fan of ALIEN who has applied his craftsmanship to the Nostromo.

I could ramble on about them, but since Andy was kind enough to provide some background information about his works, I am happy to let him tell the story:


I made these models back in the early 80s after being very impressed with the interior sets of the Nostromo in the film. I never intended them to be seen by anyone, I did it purely to see if I could. As there was no internet back then, with its’ vast resource of images, I had to repeatedly view parts of the film, make drawings and a use lot of guesswork, which has resulted in some of my dimensions being wrong, particularly with the hatchways as they are too wide. The baseboards are chipboard, which is what I had to hand at the time. The passageways are a combination of hardboard, cardboard and plastic sections and pipework, and are about four inches high. The C Deck machinery is all separate pieces, made from blocks of wood and dowling, and can be moved about to represent different sections of passageway as required. The detail parts are from plastic model kits and bits & pieces of stuff I collected over some months. There are seven separate sections in all, that butt up to each other in various ways to represent different parts of the ship.


It took about a year to make all the sections, and I took photographs when I’d finished with a film camera, but having to set the focus and shooting close-up meant most of the pics were badly blurred. The models then sat in a wardrobe for the next 30 years until the advent of digital cameras, with their large depth-of-field, meant I could take good resolution pics. I added some pics to a Fb modelling group after seeing comments about a couple of sections another person had made, and was amazed at the response. I shared the pics to other modelling groups, and in 2014 was invited to show them at an event at the National Space Centre in Leicester, where another man was displaying his extensive collection of Aliens memorabilia. Also at this event were the UK Colonial Marine group, who attend Comic Cons dressed as the Marines from the film. I subsequently joined them and now have my own CM armour and pulse rifle. Since then I’ve been invited to show the models six times at different events, with another invite so far for this year.


The sections of model I made are the two long C Deck passagways, the large garage set where Brett goes off chasing the cat, the smaller storage locker where Parker & Lambert are killed, both airlocks, A B Deck passageway junction and the engine control room. As I’m sure many of you already know, the small storage locker was re-used at least three times in the film, the airlocks were built in the former galley, and the engine control room was converted from the infirmary.


Andy Rowlands


See below the gallery of photographs he shared with me so that you, too, may enjoy them.


Many thanks to Andy for taking the time to share his photographs to write a little something about them. 


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