Un trio de friandises de Nostromania Fred (alias Cinesfx Fred).



A fantastic surprise greeted my eyes this morning: I found three videos – made by my French friend – that somehow I have missed seeing before.

Nostromania Fred (aka Cinesfx Fred) and I have an acquaintance built on a shared inability: neither one of us can stop the search for information that might deepen our love of the movie, ALIEN, and the Nostromo.

(At least that’s how I define “Nostromania”!)

I appreciate learning about the movie from Cinesfx Fred’s perspective. I have come to realize that the movie’s effect on fans in other countries and cultures differs from my own. Understanding those differences enriches me as a fan and a person.

Of course, I have multiple ALIEN friends like this, but today, I want to share these videos of Cinesfx Fred’s work.

In the videos below, you will find his three crowning achievements:

  • The computer interface chair that Dallas uses as he confers (both fruitfully and fruitlessly) with Mother;


  • The 6-foot/1.8-meter Nostromo card board miniature;


  • The Nostromo bridge model.



(Special thanks for Cinesfx Fred for his generosity in sharing his creative work with ALIEN fans the world over.)




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