Tanker goes missing. Whither Nostromo?




Photo credit: MT Marine Express. Jurij S.

A recent gCaptain article about a missing tanker sparks ideas about what might have been in the news in 2123 when the Nostromo and its Refinery went missing


Oil Tanker Missing Since Friday in Gulf of Guinea – Ship Manager

via Oil Tanker Missing Since Friday in Gulf of Guinea – Ship Manager – gCaptain


Scott Middlebrook, in his Alien Universe Timeline, notes that the Nostromo was declared missing, but leaves it very general since there is nothing by which to judge how long that might take before declared. I have taken a shot at figuring something out, but it still needs a lot of work.

It wasn’t until Alien Resurrection came around that we actually saw the results of a ship hijacking while its crew were in hypersleep came around. This is not a new idea, although previously it was the cargo and not the human crew that were the prize.

You would think I it would be hard to hide an entire tanker, but it becomes easier to believe if it were harbored in a pirate-friendly port where anyone wanting to spread the news would be dealt with summarily. The same might hold true for a commercial towing vehicle.

Of course, the Nostromo crew might have wished to be beset with pirates, instead of the alien horror they encountered.

Special thanks to Scott Middlebrook’s The Alien Universe Timeline 2069-2123 page and Dominic Kulcsar’s article, Industrial Paranoia, at his Alien Explorations web site. The idea of the Company placing robots on its deep-space vehicles is fleshed out quite nicely there.




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