The tip of the ASH iceberg.



The industrious Michael Scudieri has provided updates on his ASH: A Fan Fiction Comic.

In a bit of teasing showmanship, he has given us glimpses in the research ‘tree’ he has grown around the project.

See below for yourself:




He has certainly done his homework! There are many interesting things in this hint of things to come, and Michael’s creative way of showing us this stuff makes me think his comic is going to be similarly engaging.


If you have not yet heard about ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic, here is a quick spin-up:

Michael describes his project as a short graphic novel focused on Ash and the days leading up to his assignment on the Nostromo.

Here’s the tagline from the project’s Facebook Page:

The iconic, shadowy, artificial person responsible for the doom of Nostromo. Never before have Ash’s motives or origins been declassified… until now…

The artwork posted on his project Page captures the movie’s vibe quite nicely!

Michael has also opened a thread at, where you can get more details about the project and offer your constructive input.

Check it out!  It is a wonderful thing to see someone creating original content based on characters and events from the original movie.





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