John Zizolfo’s Nostromo.



Here’s a blast from the past: John Zizolfo‘s build of the Halcyon Nostromo!

Long before scratch-builders were taking on the challenge of this ship, and before today’s consumer-friendly CG software, fans of Nostromo were limited to seeing the ship in the film or in feature builds like this one:


Image result for john zizolfo nostromo


I remember trading emails with John back in the late 90s as I was trying to get measurements of the thing as I drew blueprints and calculated the ‘real’ ship’s size.

Read for yourself the challenges and rewards of building this hybrid of vinyl and injection-molded plastic…and how he built the display base.

You  will find it and much more at Steve Iverson‘s CultTVMan’s Fantastic Modeling website, a sci-fi modeler’s treasure for nearly three decades.




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